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In the shortest possible time report the loss or theft to the nearest police station, where you will receive a confirmation document of the event that occurred. At vehicle drop off be certain to submit it to our colleagues in the office. Also, please inform us of the situation in the period of 24 hours after it has occurred via email or by phoning our technical support.

In case you lost your car keys, please contact our technical support, with whom you will arrange the delivery of the spare key to your location, and who will inform you of the costs that will be added to your bill during vehicle drop off.

If the rented vehicle cannot be unlocked, please check if the key has been mechanically damaged or if it was under the influence of water (e.g. you dropped your key in to the sea). If the answer to these questions is no, the key probably has a faulty battery or some other type of electrical malfunction. However even in the case you have a mechanical (conventional) key or Bluetooth key, you can always unlock it in the following way:

MECHANICAL (conventional) key: If the driver’s side of the door does not have the lock visible, please remove the plastic hoodie from the door handle and use the key itself to unlock the vehicle. Please return the plastic hoodie to the colleagues in the office during drop off or leave it in the designated place.

BLUETOOTH key: If the driver’s side of the door does not have the lock visible, please remove the plastic hoodie from the door handle and use the key itself to unlock the vehicle. Please return the plastic hoodie to the colleagues in the office during drop off or leave it in the designated place. When accessing the vehicle, you must always first open the front door.

If you cannot start the vehicle, please follow these steps

  • If you have a mechanical (conventional) key, unlock the wheel by moving it left and right until you turn the contact on, and if you have a Bluetooth key, move the key case away from electronical device (smartphone, iPod, etc.) The Bluetooth key must be inside the vehicle, and all the doors need to be closed.
  • In case of an automatic transmission, close all doors, push the brake pedal, during ignition the gear shift knob must be in P or N, turn the key or push start (depending on the car equipment)
  • In case of robotized transmission; close all doors, press and hold the brake pedal, the gear shift knob must be in N turn the key or push start (depending on the car equipment)
  • In case of manual transmission: close all doors, push and hold the clutch pedal, put the gear shift knob in neutral position, turn the key or push start (depending on the car equipment)
  • However even if the vehicle engine does not turn on after performing the actions stated above, and the instrument panel does not show signs of ignition, the vehicle probably cannot start due to some malfunction. Check if any message appears on the dashboard or instrument panel. Also, try and remember if you left on the lights, radio or similar which could have drained the cars battery and make it impossible to turn on the vehicle. In such a case please try to start the vehicle by using jumper cables. For your own safety, and to avoid potential damage to the car, please do not try to start the vehicle by pushing it or going downhill, nor by putting it in to gear or by using the clutch.  This could cause a huge and very expensive malfunction to the vehicle. If you do not manage to turn the vehicle on, please contact out technical support.

Auto hold function holds the vehicle on a slope for easier start up. This function, if the mechanical/electrical handbrake is released, holds the brake for a couple of seconds while the driver is switching his leg  to the gas pedal, so the car would not go down the slope.  Most of the cars in our fleet are equipped with the mentioned function, however, on our web you can find the technical specifications and the equipment list that the rented vehicle has, as well as if it has the auto hold function or not.

So you could be certain what type of fuel the rented vehicle uses, the outside part of the fuel tank has a sticker with the needed fuel type. For added visibility there is also a factory mark on the inside part of the fuel tank cap. For even better visibility it is also stated on the car key chain.

ADVICE 1: It is always necessary to put more than 10 litres of fuel so the vehicle can register the new fuel level.

ADVICE 2: Always make sure the engine is turned off when charging fuel.

If the vehicle is refuelled with the wrong fuel type, please do not try and start the engine to protect the vehicle from any further damage. Please contact our technical support which will organize the beast and cheapest solution for you so you can continue with you trip without any further complications.

ADVICE: Before refuelling always make certain the fuel is compatible with our vehicle, according to the labels on the vehicle, and car key chain.

If the rented vehicle runs out of fuel during your drive, try and stop the vehicle in the safest possible conditions, turn on all 4 signal lights, shut down the engine, activate the hand brake and put the signal triangle on the proper distance from the vehicle. At the closest gas station buy a plastic canister and pour in at least 5 litres of the proper fuel (according to the label on the fuel tank cap). If after a couple tries the vehicle engine still does not start, please avoid further attempts as to reduce the possibility of damaging the engine, and contact our technical support.

ADVICE: Never drive with a low fuel level. As soon as the reserve lamp turns on or the fuel level is at ¼ please stop at the nearest gas station and pour in the proper fuel.

If your vehicle is equipped with a speed limitation, please check the tempomat/limitation switches to check if the limitation is turned on. If the answer is negative, please check the instrument panel for lights and warnings described below.

You can contact our technical support via phone or email, stated on the car document etui. You can also check the contacts for technical support under the Contacts section.

In such a case, try and stop the vehicle in the safest possible conditions, turn on all 4 signal lights, shut down the engine, activate the hand brake. After stopping the vehicle, be careful in leaving the vehicle, put on the reflective vest and put the signal triangle on the proper distance from the vehicle (look at the section „Safety driving tips “). In case of a vehicle malfunction during poor visibility conditions leave the lights on. Before contacting the technical support, prepare the following information, registration number of the vehicle, exact location of the brake down (address, highway kilometres, or GPS coordinates) and information on the nature of malfunction, If the repair of the vehicle cannot be completed in 24 hours we will provide you with a replacement vehicle or an alternative way of continuing your trip.

NOTE: The client must wait for the agreed upon road assistance, and will be informed of their arrival and any other necessary information in the shortest possible time by the technical support.

NOTE: The procedure above is valid for both the Republic of Croatia and foreign countries.

In the case of a malfunction caused by a flat tire, or a damaged rim, please exchange it with a spare tire according to the instructions bellow.


  1. Please check that the vehicle is properly fixated by activating the hand brake, and by shifting the gear knob in to first speed or reverse (for automatic transmission switch it to P, and for robotic to N).
  2. Remove any luggage from the bunker, lift the bunker mat (according to the type of vehicle the spare tire can be located on the outside of the mat, bellow the bunker, in such a case the key for releasing the bolt is located on the left or right side of the bunker padding or below the passenger’s seat).
  3. Remove the spare tire and tools and place them outside of the vehicle.
  4. If the vehicle is equipped with a hub cap, remove it and carefully put it away.
  5. If the vehicle is equipped with alloy rims and has decorative caps on bolts, remove them with the included tool.
  6. If the vehicle has a safety bolt on the inside for securing the tire, release it by placing the extension for removing the anti-theft protection on the tire removal tool
  7. Release the wheel with the provided tool
  8. Place the car crane in the proper place, make sure to secure it properly for both your safety and the vehicles safety. THE CRANE MUST BE PLACED ON A FIRM AND STABLE BASE BEFORE LIFTING THE VEHICLE. IF THE BASE IS SLIPPERY OR NOT FIRM IT COULD MOVE AND DAMAGE YOUR VEHICLE OR HURT YOU.
  9. After you have lifted the vehicle enough and the damaged wheel is no longer in contact with the ground loosen the bolts and remove the wheel from the vehicle.
  10. Put the spare wheel on your vehicle, while keeping it with your hand on the spindle. Place all the required bolts and secure them as far as you can.
  11. After you have lowered the vehicle secure the bolts fully, and check them twice to make certain everything is in order.
  12. After you have completed the wheel switch, put away all the equipment and the faulty wheel in to the bunker.
  13. If your vehicle is equipped with a spare tire, you can continue your drive, while not passing 80 km/h to the nearest tire repairman. Please inform our technical support in the shortest possible period, so they can suggest repair possibilities per your agreed insurance policies.

NOTE: If you cannot set the spare wheel yourself, contact our technical support who will organize road assistance for you. However, even if you do have WUG-insurance, tire exchange service is not covered and will be fully charged to you.

Our moto is creating experiences. For this we do everything so our clients would be fully satisfied with the quality of the provided service. We are animal friendly, and while you are driving around with our vehicles and creating experiences for yourself, we want your animals to be with you. Since high quality is of extreme importance to us, we ask that if you are transporting pets in the rented vehicle, you protect the vehicles insides, especially the seats, as to avoid dirtying the vehicle inside. If your pet does soil the car we will be forced to charge you for dry cleaning services

ADVICE: For your safety, and the safety of your pets, we advise you to transport them in boxes fastened with seatbelts that exist especially for such a purpose. In this way both you and your pets will arrive to your destination safely, and you will be driving in accordance to legal regulations.

If you are renting the vehicle for a longer period, such procedures can be approved, but only with our written consent, and guarantee that these procedures will not cause damage to the vehicle. if we approve this, you are obliged to return the vehicle in the state that you received it in.

No, damages to tires, and or rims, are not covered by insurance nor by regular all-risk insurance. To insure these parts of the vehicle, you need to sign WUG insurance

In case of a traffic accident and or vehicle damage, immediately call 112 and fill in the euro report. If the rented vehicle is not in a driveable condition, please contact our technical support. At vehicle drop off you are required to submit the Alco test report.

In case of theft, attempted theft, or brake in, immediately contact 112 and contact our technical support.

In case of vandalism or a parked vehicle being damaged by an unknown perpetrator, you are also obliged to call the police who will than file a report that you are required to submit at vehicle drop off.

NOTE: In special situations, if it’s a case of a smaller vehicle damage (small scratch or dent, or smaller accident without any other participant), with consent from the technical support and photos of the accident, you may only fill in the euro report without contacting the police.

Bellow our wizards have prepared a schematic on how to fill in this report

When parking and leaving the vehicle make certain of the following

  • Fully close all windows
  • Put the gear shift knob in to first speed or reverse ( on vehicles with automatic transmission, put them in to P, on vehicles with robotized transmission put them in to N
  • Make certain to activate the handbrake, and turn of the engine.
  • Do not leave personal items on visible places (we cannot be held responsible for them)
  • Lock and make certain all doors are
  • Carry the keys and document etui with yourself at all times


ADVICE 1: To reduce the possibility of theft an or brake in, please park your car in well-lit and urban areas of the city in which you are located

ADVICE 2: Always try to park your vehicle in a vide space so you are able to open the car doors without any difficulty as to avoid possible damages.

ADVICE 3: To avoid damaging the wheels (tires, rims, hubcaps etc.), when parking do not go near the curb. This also goes for other parts of the vehicle, bumpers and spoilers.

ADVICE 4: To keep the cars paint impeccably shiny, try to park under trees.

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